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Type: Seminar
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Calendar1: 9 Mar 2017 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 535A
CalTitle1: Geometry & Toplogy Seminar: Boris Lishak -- Complexity of untying 2-knots
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Geometry & Topology Seminar

Complexity of untying 2-knots

Boris Lishak (Sydney)

Thursday 9 March 12:00–13:00 in Carslaw 535A.

Please join us for lunch after the talk!

Abstract: Embeddings of \(S^2\) into \(S^4\) can be topologically nontrivial. But even if the embedding is trivial, geometrically it can "look" knotted. We will give examples of topologically trivial \(2\)-knots such that their complexity will grow super-exponentially. Complexity will be either defined in terms of Riemannian geometry in the smooth case or combinatorially if the embedding is piece-wise linear. Proofs will use some group theory.

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