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Calendar1: 27 Apr 2017 1200-1300
CalLoc1: New Law School Annexe SR 344
CalTitle1: Geometry & Topology Seminar: Amie Wilkinson -- Geometry, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity
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Geometry & Topology Seminar

Geometry, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity

Amie Wilkinson (University of Chicago)

Thursday 27 Apr 12:00–13:00 in New Law School Annexe SR 344.

Please join us for lunch after the talk!

Abstract: To each complete Riemannian manifold \(M\) is associated a dynamical system — the geodesic flow on the unit tangent bundle \(SM\). To what extent are the dynamical properties of this flow wedded to the geometry of \(M\)? I will discuss some historical highlights, open questions and recent breakthroughs.

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