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On the Landau-de Gennes theory for nematic liquid crystals


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Time: 10:00AM--11:00AM, 21 May 2021 (AEST).

Abstract: In the study of mathematical models for nematic liquid crystals, F.-Hong-Mei '20 recently analysed the convergence problems on the Oseen-Frank model. Through the machinery we develop, we consider the close related Landau-de Gennes model. Though Ball-Majumdar '10 found an example that the Landau-de Gennes energy functional from physics literature does not satisfy a coercivity condition, F.-Hong '20 addressed the problem by proposing a new Landau-de Gennes energy through the connection with the Oseen-Frank model. Then we prove existence and convergence of minimizers of the new energy. This direction also enables us to study the hydrodynamic flows with Landau-de Gennes' theory with a scaling analysis.

This is the third talk in the series.

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