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Applied Maths Seminar: Kraitzman -- Mathematical modelling of sea ice

Dear all, 

Our upcoming AM seminar is held Wed 10 May at 1pm in F11 Chemistry Lecture Theatre 4.
Our speaker is Noa Kraitzman (Macquarie).  

Talk details follow below: 

Title: Mathematical modelling of sea ice 

Abstract: In this talk I will delve into the behaviour of sea ice, examining both its
microstructure and its effective properties.  Firstly, I will introduce a
thermodynamically consistent model for the liquid-solid phase change in sea ice that
incorporates the effects of salt, using multiscale analysis to derive a
quasi-equilibrium Stefan-type problem.  Secondly, I will investigate the thermal
conduction in sea ice in the presence of fluid flow, using a new Stieltjes integral
representation for the effective conductivity and present rigorous bounds on the
conductivity obtained through Pade approximates.

An ongoing list of AM seminars is posted here: 

See you there, Ian

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