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Algebra Seminar

Twisted Cohomology of A-infinity Algebras

Siye Wu

Friday September 24, 12:05--12:55pm, Carslaw 175


The notion of A-infinity algebras was introduced by Stasheff in the 1960s for studying associativity up to homotopy. It has since played an important role in homotopy theory and more recently in many branches of algebra, geometry and mathematical physics, such as the homological mirror symmetry of Kontsevich. In this talk, I will review the concept of A-infinity algebras and their morphisms. Using the bar construction, I will define twisted cohomology of an A-infinity algebra with a twisting element and describe a spectral sequence converging to it. This is a joint work with Weiping Li.


After the seminar we will take the speaker to lunch.

See the Algebra Seminar web page for information about other seminars in the series.

James East