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Calendar1: 13 Sep 2023 1300-1400
CalLoc1: Carslaw 373
CalTitle1: Applied Maths Seminar: Introduction to the Problem of Glass (Harrowell)
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Applied Maths Seminar: Harrowell -- Introduction to the Problem of Glass

Dear all, 

Our upcoming AM seminar is held next Wednesday 13 September at 1pm in F07 Carslaw
Lecture Theatre 373.  Our speaker is Peter Harrowell (University of Sydney).  

Talk details follow below: 

Title: Introduction to the Problem of Glass 

Abstract: Amorphous solids – glasses, plastics, ceramics and ‘glassy’ metal alloys
– make up an important part of the material world but they remain poorly understood at
the microscopic level.  The difficulties arise from the non-uniqueness of the solid
state.  This talk will address the issues of the complexity of the energy landscape
associated with disordered configurations, the diversity of geometric structures, the
localized response to strain (non-affine displacements) and thermal fluctuations
(dynamic heterogeneities).   Related phenomenon such as jamming will also be

An ongoing list of AM seminars is posted here: 

See you there, Jae Min

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