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Calendar1: 9 Oct 2023 1500-1600
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Geometry & Topology: Hosea Wondo -- The Topology of the Kahler-Ricci Flow

Monday 09 October 2023, 15:00-16:00, Carslaw 535

Speaker: Hosea Wondo (Sydney)

Title: The Topology of the Kahler-Ricci Flow

Abstract: The Kahler-Ricci flow has proven to be a powerful tool in the study of Kahler 
structures. It deforms arbitrary metrics to canonical ones, thus providing a method to 
construct canonical metrics.  It also provides information regarding the underlying 
topology of the manifold itself. This second point highlights the fascinating link 
between the topology of the manifolds and the solutions to the flow. In this talk, we 
will discuss some results that highlights the influence of topology on analytic 
quantities of the flow such as curvature, diameter and extinction time.

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