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CalTitle1: How bioinformatics is revolutionising cancer research
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PUBLIC EVENT: Professor Keith Baggerly (MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA) -- MATHEMATICS SAVES LIVES


How bioinformatics is revolutionising cancer research

The current age of big data has given scientists greater access than 
ever before to personal health and biometrics information vital for 
health discovery and innovation. We explore how medical science is 
harnessing the power of mathematics and statistics to improve 
replication and reproducibility of cancer research and address one 
of our greatest global health challenges.

Hosted by Professor Jacqui Ramagge from School of Mathematics and 
Statistics at University of Sydney, this session will examine the 
exciting new field of “forensic bioinformatics” and its role in 
protecting the integrity of cancer research to deliver sound outcomes 
for scientists, clinicians and patients.

Hear from Professor Keith Baggerly, from MD Anderson Cancer Centre, 
USA, whose analysis revealed issues with data published by Dr Anil 
Potti, from Duke University, and caused a retraction of the papers, 
cancellation of clinical trial based on the research and an 
investigation of scientific misconduct on Dr Potti.

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