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Calendar1: 6 Aug 2018 1700-1800
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CalTitle1: Representation Varieties for SL(3,C): The Trefoil Knot
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MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Dickson Annor -- Representation Varieties for SL(3,C): The Trefoil Knot

Hello all,

The next MaPSS talk of this semester will be at 17:00 on Mon 6th August in Carslaw 535.
Feel free to come, as it is a great opportunity to meet fellow postgrads, listen to 
an interesting talk, and of course get free food!


Speaker: Dickson Annor

Title: Representation Varieties for SL(3,C): The Trefoil Knot

Abstract: Following the foundational work of Thurston, Culler and Shalen, the
varieties of representations and characters of 3-manifold groups into SL(2,C) have
been extensively studied, as both reflect geometric and topological properties of
3-manifolds. However, much less is known about the representations of 3-manifold
groups into other Lie groups, notably SL(n,C) with n >= 3.
In this talk, we will study representation varieties of the trefoil knot group into
SL(3,C). Let G be the fundamental group of the complement of the trefoil knot in
S^3. This has presentation G = <x,y | x^2 = y^3> = <s,t | sts = tst>. In particular,
we will determine all representations up to conjugacy, using results of Fricke for
SL(2,C) and Lawton for SL(3,C).


See you there!

Details can also be found on the school’s new Postgraduate Society website: 

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