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Type: Seminar
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Expiry: 7 Nov 2016
Calendar1: 7 Oct 2016 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 375
CalTitle1: Quasi-particle bases of standard affine sl2-modules
Auth: kevinc@pkevinc.pc (assumed)

Algebra Seminar: Kozic -- Quasi-particle bases of standard affine sl2-modules

Slaven Kozic (University of Sydney) 

Friday 7 October, 12-1pm, Place: Carslaw 375 

Quasi-particle bases of standard affine sl_2-modules 

The aim of this talk is to present some connections between the representation theory
of the affine Lie algebra sl2 and the Rogers-Ramanujan-type identities.  I will
define quasi-particles in the principal picture of affine sl2 and construct
quasi-particle monomial bases of standard affine sl2-modules.  Finally, I will show that
their principally specialized characters are given as products of sum sides of the
corresponding Rogers-Ramanujan-type identities with the character of the Fock space for
the principal Heisenberg subalgebra.  This is a joint work with Mirko Primc.

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