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Algebra Seminar Afternoon

The algebra seminar’s Ruby Jubilee went by very quietly due to the pandemic.  To mark
the occasion now, there will be an algebra seminar talk by Gus, the founder of the
algebra seminar.  This will be followed by two more talks in the afternoon, by Don
Taylor and Bob Howlett, followed by drinks.  

If you intend to join for the celebration after the talks, please register here:

Schedule: (see for abstracts)

12-1pm Gus Lehrer: Milnor fibre cohomology and the non-crossing poset 

1-2pm algebra seminar lunch 

2-3pm Don Taylor: Matrix group recognition and finite groups of Lie type 

3-4pm Bob Howlett: W-graph representations of reflection groups and Iwahori-Hecke

4-6pm drinks in Level 7 Tea Room