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Calendar1: 16 Mar 2017 1300-1400
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CalTitle1: generatingfunctionology
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Seminar: SUMS - Edric Wang -- generatingfunctionology

Sydney University Mathematics Society Semester 1, Week 2 talk.  

Title: generatingfunctionology 

Speaker: Edric Wang 

Abstract: "A generating function is a clothesline on which we hang up a sequence of
numbers for display." --- Herbert Wilf, generatingfunctionology (1990) 

In this talk we will introduce the ordinary power series generating function and
consider its applications to binomial identities, recursion relations and combinatorial
enumeration.  Along the way we will encounter famous integer sequences such as the
Fibonacci and Catalan Numbers.  If time permits, we will discuss other kinds of
generating functions.

Following the talk, there will be pizza on offer.

Hope to see you there!