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Sydney Dynamics Group: Corey Shanbrom -- Self-similarity in the Kepler-Heisenberg problem

Dear all, 

Next week, Friday October 23, Corey Shanbrom (Sacramento State University) will give a
talk at 4pm (Sydney time) via Zoom.  

Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 857 2003 8635 

Title: Self-similarity in the Kepler-Heisenberg problem 

The Kepler-Heisenberg problem is that of determining the motion of a planet around a sun
in the Heisenberg group, thought of as a three-dimensional sub-Riemannian manifold.  The
sub-Riemannian Hamiltonian provides the kinetic energy, and the gravitational potential
is given by the fundamental solution to the sub-Laplacian.  The dynamics are at least
partially integrable, possessing two first integrals as well as a dilational momentum
which is conserved by orbits with zero energy.  The system is known to admit closed
orbits of any rational rotation number, which all lie within the fundamental zero energy
integrable subsystem.  Here, we demonstrate that all zero energy orbits are

Past talks can be found on the YouTube channel: 

I hope to see you all online.  


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