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Calendar1: 13 Mar 2020 1100-1200
CalLoc1: Carslaw 157
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Sydney Dynamics Group: Ian Melbourne -- Anomalous diffusion in deterministic systems. Part II

Dear all, 

Next week, Friday March 13, Ian Melbourne (University of Warwick) will give a talk at
USyd in Carslaw 157 at 11am on 

Title: Anomalous diffusion in deterministic systems.  Part II 

Abstract: Part (i) of the old abstract (below) was covered in the first talk.  In this
talk, I’ll focus on part (ii).  Exact fast-slow systems were covered by a paper with
Gottwald in 2013.  The general case requires extra control in p-variation and is treated
in work with Chevyrev, Friz & Korepanov.  (The situation regarding Skorohod topologies
gets even worse / more interesting than in the first talk, but I’ll keep it as
nontechnical as possible.)  

Old Abstract: In sufficiently slowly mixing dynamical systems, the classical central
limit theorem breaks down and may lead to convergence to a superdiffusive Levy process.
After reviewing older work on Pomeau-Manneville intermittent maps, I will describe
recent results on 
(i) convergence to Levy processes in billiards, 
(ii) convergence to
superdiffusive stochastic processes in fast-slow systems.  

Hope to see you all there,