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Calendar1: 11 Jun 2020 1100-1200
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CalTitle1: Epidemic processes in complex networks
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Virtual complex system seminar: A/Prof. Francisco A. Rodrigues -- Epidemic processes in complex networks

Abstract: Disease spreading are ubiquitous processes in social networks.  The modelling
of the propagation of an infectious agent depends not only on the basic reproduction
number, which gives the average number of secondary cases in a susceptible population,
but also on the pattern of contact between subjects.  In this talk, we will discuss the
modelling of epidemic processes in networks, including rumour and disease propagation.
We will introduce a model of epidemic spreading with awareness, where the disease and
information are propagated in different layers with different time scales.  We will show
that the time scale determines whether the information awareness is beneficial or not to
the disease spreading.  Finally, we will show how machine learning can be applied to
predict the capacity of propagation of each node and quantify how network properties
influence the propagation of the infectious agent.  

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Meeting ID: 955-3282-6920 

Password: 967084 

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*** This seminar is organised by the system complex group - Western Australia