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CalLoc1: Carslaw Seminar Room 351, F07
CalTitle1: Can AI help mathematicians solve tough problems?
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Can AI help mathematicians solve tough problems?

Machine learning


DSI Seminar Series: Can AI help mathematicians solve tough problems?

Presented by Professor Geordie Williamson
Time: 12–1pm
Date: Wednesday 27 September

Location: Carslaw Seminar Room 351, F07

Abstract: In many applications of AI, one only cares about getting the answer right (or right most of the time).
If a self-driving car doesn’t crash we are happy. However, for applications in mathematics (and science more broadly) one cares much more about the “why?”.
Interpretability is a massive issue in modern AI. Since 2020 Geordie Williamson has been working with DeepMind on applications of machine learning in mathematics.
In this seminar he will try to discuss some success stories, and the (major) hurdles that remain.

There will be networking opportunity with the speaker and other members over a light lunch from 1pm onwards.
Details on the Digital Sciences Initiative events page.

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