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Calendar1: 26 Sep 2023 1300-1600
CalLoc1: S223 Quadrangle
CalTitle1: D-Modules workshop day 1
Calendar2: 27 Sep 2023 1330-1600
CalLoc2: S223 Quadrangle
CalTitle2: D-Modules workshop day 2
Calendar3: 28 Sep 2023 1300-1600
CalLoc3: S223 Quadrangle
CalTitle3: D-Modules workshop day 3
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D-Modules Workshop


Davis, Milicic, Vilonen, Taji

D-Modules workshop

Dates: Tuesday 26–Thursday 28 September

Location: S223 (Main Quadrangle, University of Sydney)

Speakers: Dougal Davis (University of Melbourne)
Dragan Milicic (University of Utah)
Kari Vilonen (University of Melbourne)
Behrouz Taji (University of NSW)

A short workshop in the semester break featuring (last week of September) lectures by Kari Vilonen and Dougal Davis, who have recently used D-modules and mixed Hodge modules to make progress on fundamental problems in the representation theory of real Lie groups.

1–2: Dougal Davis I
2–3: Tea at SMRI
3–4: Dragan Milicic

1.30–2.30: Dougal Davis 2
2.30–3: Quick tea at SMRI
3–4: Kari Vilonen

1–2: Dougal Davis 3
2–3: Tea at SMRI
3–4: Behrouz Taji

View more info on the D-Modules course webpage (to be updated).

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