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CalTitle1: 2022 Eureka Prizes Award Ceremony
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Geordie Williamson is a finalist for the 2022 Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science and Innovation

SMRI Director Professor Geordie Williamson has been selected as a finalist for the Department of Defence Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science and Innovation.

Awarded annually, the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are Australia’s most comprehensive national science awards, and honour excellence across the areas of research and innovation, leadership, science engagement, and school science.

Read the SMRI news post, which includes a short video about Geordie's recent work. Please also see the University news announcement about all six University of Sydney researchers selected as finalists for the prestigious science prizes in 2022, and visit the Australian Museum website for details about the 45 finalists nominated for 14 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

The winners of the 2022 Eureka Prizes will be announced on Wednesday 31 August at an awards ceremony held at the Australian Museum. An online livestream of the awards will also be open to all audiences to view on the night. Register for the livestream at