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Calendar1: 6 Jul 2022 0900-1700
CalLoc1: Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
CalTitle1: ICM2022 Down Under: 6 July
Calendar2: 7 Jul 2022 0900-1700
CalLoc2: Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
CalTitle2: ICM2022 Down Under: 7 July
Calendar3: 8 Jul 2022 0900-2100
CalLoc3: Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
CalTitle3: ICM2022 Down Under: 8 July
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International Congress of Mathematics 2022 at SMRI

ICM2022 Down Under

Sydney Mathematical Research Institute, Sydney, 6–8 July 2022

The official International Congress of Mathematics 2022 will now take place as a virtual event. In Sydney, SMRI will attempt to create some of the usual spirit of the ICM (the most influential meeting in pure and applied mathematics, as well as one of the world’s oldest scientific congresses).

Our local event will feature talks by the Australia based invited speakers, presentations on the work of the Fields medallists, and interactive streaming of plenary and special session talks selected by the participants of ICM2022 Down Under. Please see the registration link below for an updated schedule.

The ICM Down Under will conclude with a twilight talk by SMRI Director Geordie Williamson on Friday evening (8 July 20:00 AEST). The talk will be recorded and broadcasted by the London Mathematical Society (virtual ICM public lecture, 8 July 12:00 BST).

This event is partially supported through the Kovalevskaya grant scheme by AMSI, AustMS and MATRIX.

Participants should plan for arrival on 5 July and depart on or after late afternoon of 8 July.

For catering purposes, please register by Sunday 26 June if you intend to attend in person: Register on the SMRI website

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