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Calendar1: 25 Mar 2024 1000-1730
CalLoc1: John Woolley Common Room & The Quadrangle (see website for different session rooms)
CalTitle1: IMU-SMRI Mathematical Colloquia and Panels Day One
Calendar2: 26 Mar 2024 1030-1600
CalLoc2: The Quadrangle (see website for different session rooms)
CalTitle2: IMU-SMRI Mathematical Colloquia and Panels Day Two
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IMU-SMRI Mathematical Colloquia and Panels: 25-26 March 2024: Nakajima, Piccione, Williamson, Ziegler

The Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) is visiting SMRI. We will host a series of events around the meeting over Monday 25–Tuesday 26 March. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with members of the Executive Committee through four colloquium-style mathematics talks and three panel discussions, informal discussions during breaks and at a reception on Monday evening.

Please fill out the Google form to RSVP for the reception (17:30–19:00 AEDT, Monday 25 March), held in the Great Hall in the Quadrangle.

Talks will be given by Hikaru Nakajima (University of Tokyo), Paulo Piccione (University of São Paulo), Geordie Williamson (SMRI) and Tamar Ziegler (Hebrew University).

The three panels are:
IMU panel on Early Career Researchers (moderator: Jordan Pitt, University of Sydney)
Perspectives on Mathematics: Its Humanity, Culture, and Communication (Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College)
WIMSIG panel: Women shaping the future of mathematics (Zsuzsanna Dancso, University of Sydney)

See the SMRI webpage for a timetable, titles and abstracts of the talks and panel descriptions.