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Present your research at the Pint of Science Australia Festival (May 2022), or volunteer behind the scenes

Have some exciting research to share? Step right up to present at the #PintAU21

No matter your kind of science, there’s a cosy venue and an audience ready to hear what
you’ve got to say.  Scientists of all career stages are welcome: from Honours students
to professors.  

The Pint of Science festival is held annually on 9-11 May, where researchers engage with
the community about their recent work in a relaxed and casual pub environment.  

With the ever changing COVID-19 situation, the festival will take place in a hybrid
format and will include both in-person & online events.  With a different format and
style to previous years, we’re looking for speakers who are ready to experiment in a
variety of engagement methods.  

To sign up as a presenter in your home town or city, go to: 

If you would like to volunteer behind-the-scenes, there are also some event coordinator 
roles available.  Register: