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Calendar1: 15 Aug 2023 1800-2000
CalLoc1: New Law Building Annex (Lecture Theatre 101)
CalTitle1: The mathematics of twisting somersaults: Science Week public lecture
Calendar2: 16 Aug 2023 1630-1830
CalLoc2: Susan Wakil Health Building (SWHB Learning Studio 209)
CalTitle2: Infinity mathematics workshop
Calendar3: 17 Aug 2023 1630-1830
CalLoc3: Susan Wakil Health Building (SWHB Learning Studio 209)
CalTitle3: Twist and Turn: The arithmetic of ropes
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Special Public Lecture

The mathematics of twisting somersaults


This year, the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute is organising three exciting events for National Science Week over 15–17 August 2023. Please register by Tuesday 8 August.

Tuesday 15 August: the "Mathematics of Twisting Somersaults" public lecture for everyone with an interest in maths will take place at 6pm in the New Law Building Annex (Lecture Theatre 101).
What do a space station, a falling cat, and a springboard diver have in common?
They are in free fall. But in contrast to a falling rock, they all have the ability to reorient themselves whilst they are falling.
In this talk, we’ll explore the principles behind this phenomenon. The mathematics underpinning the reorientation uses beautiful symmetries to explain the conservation laws of dynamical systems.

High school students are invited to two after-school workshops (4:30–6:30pm) in the Susan Wakil Health Building:
Wednesday 16 August: "Infinity mathematics" presented by Milena Radnovic
Thursday 17 August: “Twist and Turn: The arithmetic of ropes” presented by Andy Tran
Students considering higher-level mathematics study are highly encouraged to attend.

Registration info: Find further information on the SMRI webpost.
View the Eventbrite collection and register free of charge.

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