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Calendar1: 14 Mar 2023 1800-2000
CalLoc1: Messel Lecture Theatre, Sydney Nanoscience Hub
CalTitle1: SMRI IDM Public Lecture: Duels and Duality
Calendar2: 15 Mar 2023 1630-1830
CalLoc2: Susan Wakil Health Building
CalTitle2: SMRI IDM Workshop: Twist and Turn
Calendar3: 16 Mar 2023 1630-1830
CalLoc3: Susan Wakil Health Building
CalTitle3: SMRI IDM Workshop: Ruler-and-compass vs origami
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Special Public Lecture

Reminder: Duels and Duality: A fable about the life & mathematics of Evariste Galois


Reminder: Register for the International Day of Mathematics 2023 Public Lecture

This year, the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute is organising three exciting events over 14–16 March 2023. Please register by Monday 13 March.

Tuesday 14 March: a public lecture for everyone with an interest in maths will take place at 6pm in the Messel lecture theatre (Sydney Nanoscience Hub).
What does the French revolution, a deadly duel and squaring a circle have to do with the birth of modern algebra?
Find out in “Duels and Duality: A fable about the life & mathematics of Évariste Galois”, presented by Oded Yacobi.
In this talk, we'll explore the amazing (and amazingly short) life of Évariste Galois, and the ideas he developed to solve problems that had bedevilled mathematicians for centuries.

Senior high school students (Years 10–12) are invited to two after-school workshops (4:30–6:30pm) in the Susan Wakil Health Building:
Wednesday 15 March: “Twist and Turn: The arithmetic of ropes” presented by Andy Tran
Thursday 16 March: “Ruler-and-compass vs origami: A duel” presented by Zsuzsi Dancso
Students considering higher-level mathematics study are highly encouraged to attend.

Registration info: Find further information on the SMRI webpost.
View the Eventbrite collection and register free of charge

Other Pi Day events at other universities:
Monday 13 March: Pi Day Eve UTS student event
Wednesday 15 March: two short public lectures from researchers in Applied Maths
Thursday 16 March: Combinatorics workshop