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Calendar1: 17 Oct 2008 1400-1900
CalLoc1: Carslaw 830

PM4 Talks: Honours -- Honours Talks

   Thursday 16 October from 3pm, and Friday 17 from
2pm, in Carslaw Tutorial Ro om 830.
   All  academic staff, current and prospective honours stu-
dents are invited to attend.
    15:00-15:40   Karrnan Pathmanandavel
                  New methods for proving Holder continuity
                  of solutions to elliptic equations in divergence form
    15:45-16:25   Robert Tang 
                  Bass-Serre Theory
    16:30-17:10   Andrew Crisp 
                  The structure of G2 and its graph automorphism
    17:15-17:55   Michael Sun 
                  Kac’s Last Conjecture
    18:00-18:40   Fan Wu 
                  Lie Algebras Generated by Indecomposable

14:00-14:40 Michael Kemeny
            Quaternions in Geometry.
            Applications of algebraic geometric techniques to problems
            in global differential geometry via the quaternions.
14:45-15:25 Laurence Field 
            From the Heisenberg group to the Weil representation
15:30-16:10 Yinan Zhang 
            PRIMES is in P: a deterministic, polynomial time primality test
16:15-16:55 Alex Chalmers 
            The Yangian of glN and it’s application
17:00-17:40 Ge Li 
            Jantzen sum formula and its application on blocks
17:45-18:25 Andrew Cheeseman
            Efficient methods to rapidly identify enormous prime numbers