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Calendar1: 16 Oct 2015 1430-1530
CalLoc1: Carslaw 373
CalTitle1: Starting from the Blog of Terence Tao on Nonstandard Analysis
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Joint Colloquium: Banghe Li -- Starting from the Blog of Terence Tao on Nonstandard Analysis

On 25 June, 2007, the fields medalist Tao posted a paper as a blog, titled
"Ultrafilters, nonstandard analysis and epsilon management" where he explained why
nonstandard analysis was introduced naturally, and gave applications of nonstandard
analysis by him to PDE and number theory to shorten the proofs.  In this talk, we will
further explain nonstandard analysis offering a new tool to help discover new theorems,
and to treat problems from the physical world, mathematically rigorously, which seem
impossibly to be treated by standard analysis.  Thus we believe that nonstandard
analysis is a new tool for describing the nature, it manages usual numbers,
infinitesimals and infinities coming from the nature!

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