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Calendar1: 31 May 2017 1400-1500
CalLoc1: UNSW Red Centre 4082
CalTitle1: The Witt group of braided fusion categories
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Joint Colloquium: Nikshych -- The Witt group of braided fusion categories

A classical theorem of Joyal and Street establishes an equivalence between braided
categorical groups and quadratic forms.  This brings an important geometric insight into
the theory of braided fusion categories: one can treat them as non-commutative geometric
objects.  From this point of view the Drinfeld centers correspond to hyperbolic
quadratic forms.  We use this observation to define a categorical analogue of the
classical Witt group of quadratic forms.  It turns out that the categorical Witt group W
is no longer a torsion group.  We discuss the structure of W and its generalizations:
the super and equivariant categorical Witt groups.  This talk is based on joint works
with Alexei Davydov, Victor Ostrik, and Michael Mueger.

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