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Seminar: Darling -- Gene flow and speciation

Next week there will be a seminar by a candidate for a lectureship at Sydney uni (joint
between medicine and science) who has a strong interest in mathematical biology.  

His name is Aaron Darling - he is currently at UC Davis.  His seminar is Monday Jan 31,
at 1pm in the Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre (Edward Ford building).  

I have not been given a title for THAT seminar but he is giving another talk this week

- Gene flow and speciation in populations of bacteria and archaea from a genomic

Although the talk title sounds very biological his background is more in maths and
computing and I know that Aaron has expressed an interest in talking to people from
maths.  People in Maths may well also get approached via the Dean’s office about this
but I thought I would give you advance notice just in case.  I would greatly appreciate
it if you could advertise the seminar to anyone in maths who you think may be interested
in this area.  

Kind regards 

Andy Holmes 


ANDREW HOLMES | Associate Professor Discipline of Microbiology (Head) | School of
Molecular Bioscience | Faculty of Science

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