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CalTitle1: PhD scholarship mathematical immunology UNSW
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CalTitle2: PhD scholarship mathematical immunology UNSW
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PhD scholarship: Mathematical modeling in infection and immunity, UNSW

PhD scholarship: Mathematical modeling in infection and immunity, 
Infection Analytics Program, Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney.

The Infection Analytics Program at the Kirby Institute is looking for talented students 
with a strong interest in applying quantitative approaches to solving major challenges 
in infectious diseases, health and immunity.

The Group and Projects.

The Infection Analytics Program is a team of mathematicians, physicists and other 
quantitative specialists, working to understand infection and immunity. The group 
primarily works on HIV, malaria, and SARS-CoV-2 and has an outstanding track record 
of research, making a major contribution to the medical and biological sciences. 
These projects rely heavily on experimental data, and members of the Infection Analytics 
Program work closely with a number of experimental collaborators from across the globe. 
Students who join the group will be trained in interdisciplinary research with a strong 
emphasis on using mathematical and quantitative approaches, as well as experimental and 
clinical data to better understand topics in infection and immunity, such as how 
antimalarials alter the course of malaria infection, how to optimise treatment for HIV, 
how vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 boost immunity, and how immunity affects the progression 
of all three of these infections.


Applicants are sought for both domestic and international student scholarships for PhD 
studies commencing in 2022. Student scholarships of up to $38,000-41,000 p.a. are 
available for a duration of 3.5 years (depending on undergraduate performance).

Applicant Requirements

The Infection Analytics Program at Kirby Institute is an ideal group for students with 
a quantitative background (mathematics / physics / statistics) aiming to diversify their
existing experience in mathematical biology or considering a career change from 
another quantitative science to mathematical biology. The scholarships are highly 
competitive. For local students, first class honours is usually required. For 
international students, first class honours, a high GPA (>87%) and high ranking 
in graduate class (top 1-2 in year) in Bachelors degree as well as 
research experience (>6 month research project) is required.  These criteria should 
be directly addressed in any enquiries on the scholarships.

How to apply

For students to commence in 2022 Term 3(September), applications are due January 25th. 
Applications to commence Term 1 2023(February)will be due April 29th.
Please apply by providing your academic transcripts,CV, and cover letter addressing 
the eligibility criteria (listed above)to Professor Miles Davenport 
(, Dr. David Khoury (, 
or Dr. Deborah Cromer(

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