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CalTitle1: Computational Algebra and Magma
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CalTitle2: Computational Algebra and Magma
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CalLoc3: Sibyl centre
CalTitle3: Computational Algebra and Magma
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CalTitle4: Computational Algebra and Magma
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CalTitle5: Computational Algebra and Magma
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Conference: Computational Algebra and Magma

Magma is a world-leading computer algebra system developed by the Computational Algebra Group at the University of Sydney. It supports cutting-edge computations in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry, and algebraic combinatorics and is used on a daily basis by research mathematicians in over 70 countries.

The group is led by Professor John Cannon, the founder of Magma, and of its predecessor Cayley. A world expert on the development and implementation of algorithms for mathematics, John's scientific contributions are recognised via many awards including the CSIRO Medal (1993); the ATSE Clunies Ross Award (2001); the Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize (2006); and his election in 2022 as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

This meeting brings together a group of leading international researchers who have many connections to both John and the broad subject areas. We will celebrate two events:

For details of the conference, including confirmed speakers and registration, see

The Computational Algebra group plan to run a workshop on Computational Number Theory in association with the conference. Details are on the website.

Best wishes.
(on behalf of the organising committee)

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