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Calendar1: 21 Apr 2015 1800-1930
CalLoc1: Room 301, Level 3, University of Technology, Sydney - Building 11, 81-115 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007
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NSW Stats Society Monthly Meeting: Delaigle -- An introduction to functional data analysis

This month’s Stats Society talk is by Professor Aurore Delaigle 
from the University of Melbourne. Details appear below.




Date:  Tuesday, 21 April 2015


6:00pm - 6.30pm: Refreshments

6:30pm - 7.30pm: Lecture

7:45pm - onwards: Dinner (at a nearby restaurant, TBC)


Room 301, Level 3, University of Technology, Sydney - Building 11, 81-115
Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007

Prof. Aurore Delaigle

University of Melbourne, Australia

An introduction to functional data analysis

Functional data are data that are not in the form of variables or vectors,
but rather in the form of curves. Examples of functional data are growth
curves of children, spectra, speech curves, etc.
In this talk I will give an introduction to functional data, and introduce
techniques that can be applied to analyse such data. The infinite
dimension of functional data can challenge conventional methods, and often
a first step is to reduce the problem to a finite-dimensional one, which
can be done in a variety of ways, for example through principal
components. I will talk about such approaches and illustrate the resulting
methods on some real data examples.

Biography of Prof. Aurore Delaigle

Aurore Delaigle graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain in
Belgium. After spending three years at the University of California, she
moved to the University of Bristol in the UK, and then to the University of
Melbourne in Australia. She is particularly interested in nonparametric
statistics, functional data, and problems involving imprecise

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