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Calendar1: 23 Aug 2016 1815-1945
CalLoc1: Room 430, Level 5, Building 4, University of Technology Sydney (this room is also known as the Maths Grid Room CB04.05.430).
CalTitle1: Statistical Society NSW August Meeting (with national AGM at 5.30pm)
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Stats Society NSW August Meeting (with national AGM)

This month’s Stats Society NSW meeting will also contain the national AGM.  

It will take place Tuesday 23rd at UTS.  

Details of the talk, on web analytics, appear below.  

The timing is slightly later than usual to accommodate the AGM at 5.30.  




Time: 6:15pm - 6:45pm: Refreshments 6:45pm - 7:45pm: Lecture 8:00pm onwards: Dinner (at
a nearby restaurant) 

Venue: Room 430, Level 5, Building 4, University of Technology Sydney (this room is also
known as the Maths Grid Room CB04.05.430).  

Directions: Building 4 is located on the corner of Thomas and Harris Street, Ultimo.
The best entrance to use is on the Harris Street side, the one immediately beside the
ActiveFitness gym.  

Speaker: Rod Jacka, Managing Director, Panalysis 

Title: Why web analytics needs statisticians more than ever 

Web analytics is all about understanding and analysing behaviour - what people do on
websites, on mobile devices and how they engage with marketing efforts.  

Digital advertising is now mainstream with an ever growing level of complexity and the
key reason web analytics needs statisticians now more than ever.  

Tools like Google Analytics and many others have brought the concepts "data driven
decision making" and "a/b testing" into the mainstream but the end users of these tools
often lack the skills associated with data analysis, hypothesis testing and grounded
statistical literacy.  

During this talk Rod will discuss what web analytics is in more detail, why its
practitioners desperately need more formal statistical skills and tools, and why
statisticians should consider this as a potential specialisation.  Biography of Rod
Jacka Rod Jacka is the Managing Director of Panalysis.  He is one of the leading experts
in web analytics and marketing optimisation and his company Panalysis was the first to
achieve the coveted Google Analytics Certified Partner status in Australia in 2006 and
was one of the first companies in the world to do so.  Rod specialises in helping people
to implement data-driven decision-making processes in their marketing and has made a
deep impact on many businesses, government departments and educational institutions.

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