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CalTitle1: Transitioning into the tidyverse
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Statistics Tutorial

Transitioning into the tidyverse

Rebecca Barter

Friday August 23, 2pm, New Law LT 024

Rebecca Barter (UC Berkeley, Department of Statistics)

Title: Transitioning into the tidyverse

Most people who learned R before the tidyverse have likely started to feel a nibble of pressure to get aboard the tidyverse train. Sadly a fact of human nature is that once you’re comfortable doing something a certain way, it’s hard to find the motivation to learn a different way of doing something that you already know how to do. While the tidyverse is primarily made up of a set of super useful R packages (ggplot2, dplyr, purrr, tidyr, readr, tibble), it is also a way of thinking about implementing “tidy” data analysis. If you combine tidy thinking with the tidy packages, you will inevitably become a master of tidy analysis. This talk will provide a guide for easing into the tidyverse for new users by first focusing on piping, dplyr, and ggplot2, and then providing short summaries and references for the remaining packages that form the tidyverse (and how they play together). Additional resources for continuing your tidyverse journey will be provided.
Target audience:
People familiar with base R who want to familiarize themselves with the tidyverse, as well as those who have a little experience with the tidyverse and want a big picture of how it all fits together.