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Laptops, wired and wireless connections


You may ask for your laptop to connect to our School "wired" network.
Then you are "inside" the Maths firewall, with easy access to Maths
services e.g. file copying or printing; access to external services
is also fast and easy.

Should you wish to connect to the "inside wired" service, find the MAC
(aka ethernet) address (e.g. 00:E0:81:21:A6:83) of your network card:
 - on Windows (in a CommandPrompt window) use  ipconfig /all  and look
   for Physical Address (of your wired ethernet device)
 - on Linux/Mac (in a terminal)  use  ifconfig -a  and look for HWaddr
 - on Mac go to SystemPreferences Network choose device, Advanced Ethernet
and please send this to "support" and ask to set things up for you.

Once an IP address and network name are allocated, simply set the laptop
to do everything automatic (detect network settings or IP address via
DHCP, web connection direct or detect settings automatically).

Laptop users may access the School login server via "ssh -X dora" to run
any commands e.g. tuteroll or access other servers via xfrom, or use scp
etc for file transfer.

Please see also
about settings and printing, and
about ssh and scp usage (connecting to dora, without skeys).
For file access you could instead use Samba: on Windows machines go
to \\dora, on Linux or Mac connect to smb://dora, see

Please ensure that your laptop is:
 - virus-free (e.g. by having some up-to-date AV software and/or by
   running a non-Windows OS), and
 - not simultaneously connected to both wireless and wired networks.



Wireless should be working everywhere within Carslaw (and on campus).
The various networks are:

 - UniSydney
     For staff and students: log in with your unikey.
     On Linux you may try with "no certificate required" so with settings:
       Security - WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
       Authentication - Protected EAP (PEAP)
       Anonymous identity - (blank)
       CA certificate - (none)
       TICKED - No CA certificate is required
       PEAP version - Automatic
       Inner authentication - MSCHAPv2
       Username - unikey
       Password - (to match)
     or if it does not work then use Eduroam (as below).
 - UniSydney-Guest
     For visitors: sponsoring person to organize access as described in
 - Eduroam
     For visitors from, and for USyd people travelling to, subscribing
     institutions. USyd people have Eduroam username
     (not your email address).
     Linux users may need to set up as per
     (see further details in

Wireless is operated by central ICT (not by Maths support), see also
and look for information in the Uni "knowledge base"
Machines on wireless are "outside" of the Maths firewall, access to
Maths services is possible with remote login as described in .

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