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Ricoh printers: hold print, locked print features

The Ricoh copiers (r5lw, r7lw) have "hold print" and "locked print"
features, which may be useful for confidential documents: the job is
held until you go up to the printer and press some things on its panel,
then printed right in front of you. (These features maybe not be
important now that the rooms are normally kept locked.)
(The Ricoh printers e.g. c0lw or p6lw cannot do, no storage installed.)

To use these features, print from Linux using commands like
  lpr -Pr5  -hold  myfile
  lpr -Pr7  -lock 1234  myfile
For now, these features are available only when printing from Linux.

To get the job to print, walk up to the printer, and:
  Press the "Printer" key to the left of the display
  Press "Print Jobs" on the display
  Select your job pressing that line
  Press "Print" on the display
  (Enter the PIN code for a locked job)
  Press Yes


Cheers, Paul

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