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VC to all-staff: casuals are un-trained

In yesterday’s all-staff mail, our VC wrote about the conditions demanded
by our Unions and hard won through the strikes, and also wrote:

> The Herald today published a letter from the Provost
> ...

where the Provost says:

> ... proportion of casual academics ... [is] 19.9 percent. The
> proportion of well-trained casual staff seeking a continuing academic
> position constitute less than 5 percent of our academic staff.

Meaning that 75% of casuals is either un-trained, or just not seeking a
permanent position. How could the Uni employ un-trained people? Is this
demeaning to those casuals?

Cheers, Paul

Other questions:
 - How do we know the number wanting to convert to permanent?
 - If so few want permanency, why do we create "more scope"?

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