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Macquarie Statistics Seminar: Prof. Reiss -- A Spectral Decomposition in Multivariate Extreme

On behalf of Andrzej Kozek, 
I would like to invite you to the seminar at Macquarie. Details follow. 

Rafal Kulik

From Monday March 5th until 27th March 2007 we will have a visitor from
Germany, Professor Rolf Reiss, who works
on statistics of extremes with many applications in Actuarial Sciences 
and Finances. 

Professor Reiss wrote four successful monographs: 
M. Falk, J. Husler and R. D. Reiss, Laws of small numbers: extremes and
rare events, Second, revised and extended edition, Birkhauser , Basel,
R. D. Reiss and M. Thomas, Statistical analysis of extreme values ,
Second edition, Birkhauser , Basel, 2001;
R. D. Reiss, A course on point processes , Springer , New York, 1993; 
R. D. Reiss, Approximate distributions of order statistics, Springer ,
New York, 1989; 

Professor Reiss will give a seminar 
A Spectral Decomposition in Multivariate Extreme
at our Department on March 20th at 2pm.

He will also take part in our small seminar on 12 and 26th March in our

You are welcome to join us



Associate Professor Andrzej S. Kozek
Macquarie University, DEFS
Department of Statistics
North Ryde NSW 2109

tel. 61-2-9850 8556

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