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Type: Seminar
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Expiry: 28 Feb 2020
Calendar1: 21 Feb 2020 1500-1700
CalLoc1: Quad S227
CalTitle1: Maxim - Vanishing cycles and applications, Part I
Calendar2: 28 Feb 2020 1500-1700
CalLoc2: Quad S224
CalTitle2: Maxim - Vanishing cycles and applications, Part II
Auth: romanova@ (arom8272) in SMS-WASM

Informal Friday Seminar: Maxim -- Vanishing cycles and applications

In the first part, I will introduce vanishing cycles from a topological perspective, 
using the topology of complex hypersurface singularity germs as a motivation. The second 
part will be devoted to applications: (a) I plan to show how vanishing cycles can be 
used to compute the Euler characteristic of a complex projective hypersurface with 
arbitrary singularities; (b) I will briefly explain Beilinson’s gluing of perverse 
sheaves via vanishing cycles; (c) I will indicate how vanishing cycles can be used to 
categorify Donaldson-Thomas invariants; (d) If time permits, I will explain how motivic 
characteristic classes for vanishing cycles can be used in birational geometry to detect 
jumping coefficients of multiplier ideal and to characterize rational or du Bois 

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