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Calendar1: 5 Jun 2014 1200-1300
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Mathematical Physics Seminar: Tsulaia -- Higher Spins and Sp(2n) Symmetry

Speaker: Mirian Tsulaia (University of Canberra)

Time: 12:00-13:00, Thursday, June 5, 2014

Venue: Access Grid Room, Room 829, Carslaw Building.

Title: Higher Spins and Sp(2n) Symmetry

Abstract: We consider the Sp(2n) invariant formulation of higher spin fields 
on flat and curved backgrounds of constant curvature. In this formulation 
an infinite number of higher spin fields are packed into single scalar and 
spinor master fields (hyperfields) propagating on extended spaces, to be 
called hyperspaces, parametrized by tensorial coordinates. We show that the 
free field equations on flat and AdS--like hyperspaces are related to each 
other by a generalized conformal transformation of the scalar and spinor master 
fields and show how to compute Green functions.

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