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CalTitle1: A analysis on a consumer-resource model
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AGR Seminar

A analysis on a consumer-resource model

Rui Li

Dear friends and colleagues,   
on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at
    11 AM for Sydney

Professor@ Shenzhen Technology of University; Rui Li is giving a talk on 

A analysis on a consumer-resource model


In the talk, I will discuss the dynamics of a consumer-resource reaction diffusion model in the heterogeneous environment, by using the comparison principle to improve the ultimate bounds step by step, I will show that the unique steady state is globally asymptotically stable if the resources are fully limited uniformly in space and consumer population abundance is homogeneous in space.
You can also the zoom link to join: Password: 595225
Everyone is welcome to join for lunch after the seminar.

On behalf of Daniel H.

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