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CalTitle1: Long-range phase transitions
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University of Sydney PDE Seminar

Long-range phase transitions

Serena Dipierro

Dear friends and colleagues,   
on Tuesday, 4 April 2023 at
   11.30 AM for Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

Professor Serena Dipierro is giving a talk in our University of Sydney PDE Seminar on 

Long-range phase transitions


Phase transitions are a classical topic of investigation. They represent a complex phenomenon which needs to be attacked with different methodologies and different perspectives. I will discuss some rigidity and symmetry results for a long-range phase coexistence equation, their close relation with surfaces of minimal perimeter and a famous conjecture by Ennio De Giorgi.

More information and how to attend this talk can be found at the seminar webpage.

On behalf of Daniel Hauer and Daniel Daners

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