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Applied Maths Seminar: Tsuda

A/Prof Teruhisa Tsuda from Hitotsubashi University, Japan will give a talk on Wednesday
17th September at 2pm in Carslaw 829 (AGR).  

All welcome! 

TITLE: Hermite-Pade approximation, isomonodromic deformation and hypergeometric integral 

ABSTRACT: In 19th century, Hermite studied two different types of rational approximation
problems for a tuple of functions.  We show that a certain duality between two
approximations leads to the Schlesinger transformations, i.e.  transformations of a
linear differential equation shifting its characteristic exponents by integers while
keeping its monodromy invariant.  We also discuss how they benefits studying Painleve
equations; in particular, we present their solutions written by means of iterated
hypergeometric integrals.  This talk is based on a joint work with Toshiyuki Mano.

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