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Type: Seminar
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Calendar1: 24 Apr 2013 1500-1600
CalLoc1: AGR Carslaw 829
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Integrable Systems Seminar: Ormerod -- Twisted reductions of partial difference equations

Dr Chris Ormerod from La Trobe University will give a talk on Wednesday 24th April at
3pm in Carslaw room 829 (AGR): 

Title: Twisted reductions of partial difference equations 

Abstract: We consider reductions of lattice equations satisfying a self-similarity
constraint, which generalizes the idea of a periodic reduction.  As examples of this
theory, we will present new reductions of the discrete potential Korteweg-de Vries
equation, discrete modified Korteweg-de Vries equation and the discrete Schwarzian
Korteweg-de Vries equation.  We will describe a direct method for obtaining Lax
representations for the given reductions which gives rise to a novel group
representation of the Lie point symmetries of the equations.  

(joint work with Jarmo Hietarinta, Peter van der Kamp and Reinout Quispel)