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SUMS: Collins -- Knitting Mathematics

We are very lucky to have Dr Julia Collins (University of Edinburgh) as the next SUMS

Please note the change of usual day and venue: 1-2pm Wednesday 15 September, in New Law


"Julia Collins is a mathematician and science communicator based at the University of
Edinburgh in the UK.  She is passionate about enthusing people about maths, and believes
that maths can be found in everything around us.  

Knitting and crochet, in particular, have far more maths in them than people realise,
and many mathematical ideas were discovered by knitters far earlier than by

This talk will run through many different connections between maths and knitting, and
will hopefully enthuse mathematicians and knitters alike to see their craft through new

Following the talk, Julia will have some of her projects available for perusal in the
Carslaw Common Room, along with catered refreshments.  

Should you wish to attend, please register so that we can have a good idea of numbers:

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