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SUMS: Myerscough -- Mathematics and healthy hearts

For this week’s SUMS talk we’re lucky to have Mary Myerscough as speaker! Pizza and
drinks will be available afterwards.  

Mathematics can get the blood pumping through our veins, but can it keep our
arteries healthy into old age? 

Vascular disease is one of the two major killers in the developed world.  Cancer, the
other big killer, has had the benefit of mathematical modelling over more than thirty
years with the result that maths has become a major player in personalised cancer
treatment.  But modelling the growth of atherosclerotic plaque in the artery wall is in
its infancy.  

Come and hear why mathematical ideas can be critically important in biomedical research
and hear what is being done in the School of Maths and Stats to keep your heart and
brain and blood vessels healthy as you age.