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Calendar1: 13 Apr 2022 1200-1300
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CalTitle1: Exotic quasi-Fuchsian groups
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Australian Geometric Topology Webinar: Gye-Seon Lee (Seoul National University) -- Exotic quasi-Fuchsian groups

Gye-Seon Lee (Seoul National University)

Title: Exotic quasi-Fuchsian groups

Abstract: Let G be the isometry group of (d+1)-dimensional hyperbolic space. 
A subgroup H of G is quasi-Fuchsian if H is a convex cocompact discrete subgroup 
of G and the limit set of H is homeomorphic to the (d-1)-dimensional sphere. 
In this talk, I will explain how to construct examples of quasi-Fuchsian groups 
of G which are not quasi-isometric to the hyperbolic d-space using the Tits-Vinberg 
representation of Coxeter groups. 

Joint work with Ludovic Marquis.


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