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FYiMaths Workshop


Dear colleagues,


There has been a slight change to the program for the FYiMaths NSW workshop on Wednesday 16 December, with an additional talk added at the end. It will now run 9am-5:30pm (Sydney time) and the final schedule is attached.


 It is shaping up to be a very interesting day where speakers will share innovations in their teaching, particularly in response to COVID-19. There will be the opportunity to chat to other participants during the morning/lunch and afternoon breaks. The Zoom link and password are given below. Please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom (5.4.3) so you can move freely between breakout rooms. Feel free to drop in and out during the day if you have other commitments.


FYi Maths Workshop Zoom link:

Zoom Password:




The University of Sydney is hosting a free First Year in Maths NSW one day online workshop on Wednesday 16 December 2020. The day is for those involved in mathematics teaching at first year tertiary level and/or high school. The theme is “Engagement and assessment in a changing world” and will facilitate reflection on our collective experiences of changes made this year to the delivery of lectures, tutorials and assessment, in response to the global pandemic. As part of the program, case studies will be presented from different institutions, with opportunity for discussion, focussing on engagement of students. Registration and abstract submission are now open at We welcome talks broadly consistent with this year’s theme.  Questions can be directed to Sharon Stephen at

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