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Calendar1: 28 Aug 2012 1400-1500
CalLoc1: Carslaw 707A
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Mathematical Biology Discussion Group: Nanan -- The Adaptive Value of Pre-eclampsia in Human Lifehistory

The next meeting of the Mathematical Biology Discussion Group will be held on Tuesday
the 28th of August at 2pm in Carslaw room 707A.  Our guest speaker for the meeting will
be Professor Ralph Nanan, Head of the Nepean Paediatric Immunology Unit of the Sydney
Medical School Nepean (University of Sydney).  Professor Nanan will discuss the
potential adaptive value of pre-eclampsia in human lifehistory; he is seeking
collaborators to help him further explore his ideas with the help of models.  The talk
will be fascinating and could lead to future collaboration on a project of great
potential for anyone who is interested.