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Computational Algebra Seminar: Taylor -- Lie algebras from finite groups

Speaker: Don Taylor (Sydney)
Title: Lie algebras from finite groups
Time & Place: 3:05pm-4pm, Thursday 24 May, Carslaw 535

Some years ago Wilhelm Plesken mentioned to Arjeh Cohen that if G
is a group, the elements g - g^-1 span a Lie subalgebra of the group
algebra of G.  In this talk I shall describe the structure of this
algebra when G is a finite group and the group algebra is over the
complex numbers.  In particular, I will determine for which groups
the construction produces a (semi)simple Lie algebra.

This will be a general talk and little knowledge of the theory of
Lie algebras is required beyond the definition of a Lie algebra
itself and the definitions of simple and semisimple Lie algebras.