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Computational Algebra Seminar: Johansson -- Computation of group cohomology and A-infinity algebras

Speaker: Mikael Johansson
Title: Computation of group cohomology and A-infinity algebras
Time & Place: 3:05-4pm, Thursday 11 October, Carslaw 535.

Group cohomology and its computation renders a computationally efficient
model to work with techniques defined for more generic settings in
homological algebra. Thus, the basic calculational schemes already
incorporated in Magma for the computation of group cohomology form a good
illustration to a more generic workflow for computation of cohomologies in
other modular categories - Lie algebras, Affine algebras, et.c.

We shall discuss the basics of computing cohomology rings, and look into
current research on computation of homotopy invariants applicable to these
rings: most specifically, we shall look at computation of A-infinity
products in group and basic algebra cohomology.

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