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Statistics Seminar: Timothy L. Bailey -- Statistical pattern discovery in ChIP-seq data

Timothy L.  Bailey Institute for Molecular Bioscience University of Queensland 

Location: Carslaw 173 

Time: 2pm Friday, October 22, 2010 

Title: Statistical pattern discovery in ChIP-seq data 

Abstract: Coupling deep sequencing with traditional chromatin immunoprecipitation
(ChIP-seq) of transcription factors and histone proteins offers biologists unique new
insights into how the cell regulates the expression of its many genes.  Getting the most
out of this data requires novel bioinformatics approaches and algorithms.  In
particular, pattern discovery algorithms tailored to finding sequence motifs in large
sets of short DNA sequences are needed.  Using these algorithms allows us to identify
the genes bound and regulated by a given transcription factor and to predict which
transcription factors (TFs) may physically interact and bind to DNA as protein
complexes.  This talk will provide a basic introduction to the biology of gene
expression followed by a case study of ChIP-seq analysis.  Two novel statistical pattern
discovery algorithms will then be described.

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